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Landscape Adventure Path

We are happy to show you the Palatinate Forest in a completely different way. Let yourself be guided through nature and its particularities with the help of a smartphone or tablet. There are three separate routes just waiting to be discovered: at four kilometers, the shortest route is the Wühlmaus-Route (vole route); the six kilometer Forellen-Route (trout route) is slightly longer; while the longest route is the Wildschwein-Route (boar route) at nine kilometers. After you have chosen the circular route that best suits you, there are a great many exciting activity stations waiting for you, ready to explain, using modern technology, the particularities of the Leinbachtal and the woodland habitat.

The full potential of the landscape adventure path is accessible via smartphone or tablet. Through the use of the “Leinbachtal App”, you can call up information pertaining to the respective stations, and view this content on your device. This downloadable app requires no internet connectivity, allowing you the full use of its capabilities in the field. The app is available in the App Store (iOS) or in the Google Play Store (Android).

Once you are within range of a station, the app will prompt you with a pop-up message. From this point you have the chance to receive further information regarding the station, or to scan the QR-code that is displayed at each station. Alongside basic information presented, photos, graphical analysis, and fact sheets pertaining to the subject matter of the station will also be displayed. The app will allow the visitor to receive the desired information in situ, without requiring any internet connection.