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Water Exploration Path


The Water Exploration Path is one of two paths in the exciting and captivating Leinbachtal. This valley lies in the Palatinate Forest Natural Park, which is part of a UNESCO-recognized biosphere reserve. Its species and biotope diversity, its meadow valleys and exposed rock formations invite the visitor to linger. Moreover, the area offers springs and wells, such as the Protztalbrunnen, which add an extra dimension of enjoyment.

With a distance of almost five kilometers, the Water Exploration Path proceeds directly along the Leinbach. Seven of its eight learning and activity stations deal directly with the subject of water. Alongside subjects such as the importance of water, the water cycle or water as a habitat, you will also discover how water was once used as a means of transporting wood. A connection to the regional history of the Leinbachtal will be made, as the Leinbach is a waterway with historical significance. An overview of a project concerning the management of meadows provides a brief and informative digression. At this station you will encounter some Scottish highland cattle.

The Water Exploration Path is a mobile path, meaning that it can be best enjoyed with a smartphone or a tablet. On the internet site,you can download the Leinbachtal app from the app-store. The app provides you with notifications when you come within close proximity of an individual station. A map will show you the location of the station where you find yourself at present. Alongside basic information, you will also be provided with pictures, graphical representations, as well as profiles pertinent to each station’s subject matter. Moreover, there is the possibility to display supplemental information.

Those visitors who do not wish to use the app can, with the help of QR-code scanners, access information at each station. The code is located in the logo that is displayed at each station.

All information is available in text form as well as in playable audio files. Languages supported include German, French and English. The path is thus accessible to people with disabilities.