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Welcome to the Leinbachtal – a vital landscape that provides room for experience and adventure

The Leinbachtal lies within the Palatinate Forest Natural Park, a stretch of land that is recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve. Home to great biodiversity in terms of species and habitats, its meadow valleys, as well as its exposed rock formations invite one to linger and contemplate. Additionally, its springs and wells also please the visitor.

The Leinbachtal offers a total of two adventure paths: the water exploration path; and the landscape adventure path. Both paths are mobile paths. This means that they provide information accessible by smartphones and tablets. According to your present position along the path, relevant information regarding the various stages of the path will be presented on your smartphone or tablet. In order to experience this interlinking of nature and technology, the visitor needs the offline app “Leinbachtal App”, available from the App store or Google Play.


Should one not wish to use the app, there is also the possibility to use a QR-code scanner to load up information on site. However it should be said that downloading content in this fashion could be slow given limited internet connectivity. Furthermore, you can inform yourself in advance, save the information as a PDF, access it via your smartphone or tablet, or, should you wish to walk the paths without a smartphone or similar device, you can carry along print-outs.

For more information, please look around and learn something as to what the different paths have to offer. In the end, one can explore one of the paths on-site.


Important: All of the information is provided in text form as well as in audio files; the information is available in German, French and English. The path is thus accessible to all.