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Station 5: The Leinbach as a Habitat

... for Plants and Animals

Water is not only the basis for our life and continued existence on earth, but also provides habitats for specific flora and fauna. Interior land-locked waters can be subdivided into:

  • Lakes (standing waters)
  • Small bodies of water (e.g. woogs, ponds or tarns)
  • Rivers (flowing waters) and
  • Streams and ditches

As its name suggests, the Leinbach belongs to the category of streams. In its waters, and along its bed and banks, countless flora and fauna find their habitats. Besides the river trout, the beautiful demoiselle, and freshwater shrimp, one can also find bird species such as the white-throated dipper. Examples of typical flora include marsh-marigolds and red digitalis.


…für Plants

1. Lady's Foxglove

2. Bog Arum

3. Marsh  Cinquefoil

4. Kingcup


…für Tiere

1. Freshwater Shrimp

2. River trout

3. Beautiful Demoiselle

4. Water Ouzel


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